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The Update. (Such As It Is.)

February 27, 2006

Y'know, I think I have some skill at web site design, not a ton mind you like Shaun Inman, but some. What I totally suck at though is the updating of the web site.

So, as for updates, I've put up the first page of a comic I'm doing workingly entitled 'Ford Barrow: The Telekinetic Man'. I say workingly because it might just be The Telekinetic Man. Or maybe FBTK. Anyway, I kinda put CTP on the back burner as the main character didn't have a personality.

Now, many people in the world function completely without personalities everyday, but somehow, having to put words into the mouth of a character without a personality is next to impossible. So, CTP is on hiatus because I've actually thought FBTK through and have some raw material to work with. Don't be expecting Watchmen, though. I mean c'mon.

At right is the promised Sketch For My Wife. I'm going to have to post the picture I used for reference as well, so you can see how way off I am.


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Firefox Plugins

I didn't make these, I just like them.

I must be big on lists. That is all this page is. Anyway, I wanted to keep track of the cool Firefox Plugins I use, and maybe turn people onto them who haven't checked them out yet.

  1. Dom Inspector 1.8
  2. ColorZilla
  3. Web Developer 1.0.2
  4. superT 0.7


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